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Making something Wonderful

The future of classrooms 

STEAM labs, and fab labs are popping up in schools across the country. Makerspaces provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering and tinkering.

It’s not about 3D printers or spare computer parts. It’s about creating a space that encourages students to dream and wonder and design.

Makerspaces are designed to challenge students to create and learn through hands-on, personalized experiences throughout elementary, middle and high school.

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Makerspaces provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering and tinkering.


The barriers of access to making have come crashing down, as simplified design tools and cost-effective DIY kits provide individuals with cheap means to make extraordinary projects.


Maker Space coming to a school near you

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Our equipment is a 3-in-1 system that 3D prints, CNC wood carves, and includes laser engraving.

Our program

A possible range of activities might include:

  • Cardboard construction

  • Prototyping

  • Woodworking

  • Electronics

  • Robotics

  • Digital fabrication

  • Building bicycles and kinetic machines

  • Textiles and sewing

"Making is fundamental to what it means to be human. We must make, create and express ourselves to feel whole. There is something unique about making physical things. These things are like little pieces of us and seem to embody portions of our souls"

-Mark Hatch The Maker Movement Manifesto

"Makerspaces come in all shapes and sizes, but they all serve as a gathering point for tools, projects, mentors, and expertise. A collection of tools does not define a makerspace. Rather, we define it by what it enables: making." Makerspace Playbook School Edition 2013

Young Makers
Makerspace Directory
Makerspace Playbook by Michelle Hlubinka, Dale Dougherty, Parker Thomas, Stephanie Chang, Steve Hoefer, Isaac Alexander, Devon McGuire, et al.

We’re teaching kids content and it’s time to really teach kids how to think.

- Abby Cornelius, Maker Educator and High School Librarian

The 4C's in  Class


Critical thinking



Where Innovation Meets Opportunity

A Maker Space program designed for your school

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3D program

Incorporate 3D printing into your core subjects. Lessons aligned to NGSS, UK & CSS standards for K-12. Project-based learning (PBL) with real-world problem solving and entrepreneurship projects.




Maker spaces & Librarries




Schools and after school programs



Little bits

ThlittleBits platform of electronic building blocks empowers everyone to create inventions, large and small. The system is comprised of color-coded pieces for specific functions (like motion, lights, sound, sensors, internet connectivity) that snap together to make larger circuits. People use littleBits in formal and informal learning settings - from K12 to higher ed and in makerspaces and homes across the globe. With an ever-expanding library of littleBits, educators and students can engage in increasingly complex projects as their technology literacy, critical thinking and creative confidence grows


STEM K12 USA was built to help schools and libraries start and run their own makerspaces. We truly believe that adding a makerspace to a school or library can help students acquire the skills needed for the 21st century.

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